Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where can I download DIY instructions and safety data?

A: To download DIY instructions and safety data, click the following links:
     📥Fertility Blend Label (instructions) 
     📥G2 Green SDS (safety data sheet)

Q: Is G2 Green fertilizer safe for human and pets?

A: Yes! You can walk on the grass immediately after our fertilizer treatments.

Q: How long do I have to wait to walk on the grass after herbicide treatments?

A: After the herbicide dries, it is safe to walk on.

Q: Where do you get your fertilizer?

A: We manufacture our fertilizer. G2 Green Fertility Blend is specially formulated for the climate and conditions in this region.

Q: How is your fertilizer different than others?

A: Beyond the standard NPK that most other fertilizers utilize, G2 Green utilizes 16 different micro nutrients, kelp and fulvic and humic acid.

Q: How do I calculate how the size of my yard?

A: There are several ways to measure the square footage of your yard. Listed below are links to some online tools, or you can call us anytime at (801) 424-7336 and we can measure it while we’re on the phone with you.

Q: Does G2 Green guarantee their products and services?

A: We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with our service we will do everything in our power to correct the issue.

Q: How do I order jugs of fertilizer?

A: You can order online, or contact our customer service and we will deliver it right to your door.

Q: Can I pay my bill online?

A: Yes! Just go to and click on Customer Login in the menu.

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