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Our professionals provide
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treatments through the entire
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G2 GREEN can be delivered with
a hose-end sprayer right to your
doorstep so you can treat your
lawn, flowers, trees, shrubs &
vegetable gardens yourself.



A “fertigation” tank can be
added to your existing sprinkler
system, making treatments
completely automatic.
Call for details.

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Looks Ain’t Everything!

Roots are the foundation of a healthy plant.
G2 Green feeds and energizes your roots,
improving the health and efficiency of your plants.

Grass & Turf

✓ Promotes and feeds good bacteria
✓ Reduces salts and nitrates in soil
✓ Mitigates insect and disease damage
✓ Produces richer, denser colors

Vegetable Gardens

✓ Increases carbohydrates (sugars)
✓ Better tasting fruit/vegetables
✓ Longer shelf life
✓ Increased produce size

Flowers & Shrubs

✓ Increased vibrancy
✓ Maintains longer blooms
✓ Enhances bloom volume
✓ Increases plant size
✓ Great for all acid loving plants


✓ Naturally mitigates insects and diseases
✓ Increase leaf development for photosynthesis
✓ Balances nutrients necessary for tree survival
✓ Increased blooms on fruit bearing trees
✓ Increases carbohydrates to fruit and nut trees

No One Feeds the Roots like G2 Green

Our treatments enrich your soil and allow supercharged nutrients to absorb through the roots and flow up through the stems.


Total Nitrogen (N) 7% Urea Nitrogen


Available Phosphate (P2O5)


Soluble Potash (K2O)


Sulfur (S)

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G2 Green Advantages:

Human & Pet Friendly

Your yard can be walked on within
minutes of application.

Heat Tolerant

A strong root system retains water,
allowing your yard to beat the heat.

A Balanced Diet

We feed the soil, plants and microbes
exactly what they need.

Our Greatest Advantage:

Stronger, deeper roots creating vigorous plants
with longer-lasting beauty.


The Bottom Line

Your yard and garden are nourished from the ground up.
It’s all about the roots!
Feeding them is our secret.

We all want beautiful yards. In fact, most of us not only want a good yard, we want to have the best yard in our neighborhood. You can see it in your mind – a lush green lawn, big beautiful flowers, healthy trees and shrubs and the best vegetable garden ever. That’s what we at G 2 Green want for you as well.

What makes G2 Green lawn care different from our competitors; (1) The Roots – Any lawn care service and lawn fertilization company can green your grass. It isn’t that hard. But greening your green grass is only half the process. The other half involves the roots. Growing strong, deep, thick roots ensure longer lasting beauty. Most of our competitors ignore the roots opting for a short-term cure over long-lasting health and beauty. When G2 Green fertilizes your lawn not only will your grass become incredibly green and healthy, we’ll feed your roots too. Why are the roots important? Healthy roots will: make your grass thicker, smothering out weeds; help your lawn withstand our hot, dry summers. A healthy root system naturally retains water which will makes your lawn both more heat tolerant and more drought resistant. Require less watering. (2) The Soil. Our lawn fertilization formula is created to feed your soil, plants and microbes exactly what they need making it possible for nutrients to flow up through the stems increasing the health of your lawn and yard. (3) For Your Entire Yard, Not Just Your Lawn. G2 Green’s lawn care products are for your entire yard, not just your lawn. We can treat your: Flower garden, Vegetable garden, and trees and shrubs. We have a professional arborist who can inspect your trees and design a treatment for specifically what ails your trees and shrubs. (4) Better Lawn Fertilizer. We’ve created our own blend that we’ve used for years on golf courses and in agriculture and has been thoroughly tested. We do not thin or water our blend down giving you a weaker treatment. In fact, we load it with nutrients that will give you the best yard and green grass in your neighborhood. (5) Kid and Pet Friendly. Our treated lawns with our lawn fertilization can be walked on within minutes of application. (6) We have 3 programs to choose from: we can deliver the lawn care product and you can apply it yourself, we can provide full service application, or we can install a tank into your sprinkler system that will automate the application of your lawn fertilization treatment. (7) We have a product and treatment that will take care of those ugly dog spots in your turf. (Dogs are great and now they don’t have to leave you with a less-than-great yard.)

At G2 Green we say that Looks Ain’t Everything. The foundation of a healthy plant, a healthy green grass yard, begins with what you can’t see…the roots. And G2 Green feeds, fertilizes and energizes your roots like nobody else. So, what makes G2 Green different from our competitors? Everything you just read about our lawn care. No one else does all this.

Cities We Serve:

  • Salt Lake County (all) including – Herriman, Riverton, Sandy, Draper, South Jordan, Olympus Cove, Foothill, Sugarhouse, the Avenues, Murray, Cottonwood Heights, Holladay, Millcreek, Federal Heights,
  • Summit County – Park City
  • Tooele and Stansbury
  • Utah County including – American Fork, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Alpine, Highland, Orem, Provo
  • Davis County including – North Salt Lake, Bountiful, Woods Cross, West Bountiful, Centerville, Farmington, Kaysville, Layton
  • Morgan County
  • Wasatch County
  • Weber County – Ogden

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